Effects of training

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  • Effects of training
    • Hypertrophy
      • cardiac muscle gets bigger the more it is trained, undergoing 'hypertrophy' - athlete's heart
      • a hypertrophied heart is capable of filling more blood during diastolic phases of contraction and increased strength of contractions
    • stroke volume increases
      • greater blood volume available in the body as a result of training - hence venous return becomes greater during exercise
    • lower resting HR
      • bradycardia - resting HR below 60 bpm
    • Cardiovascular drift
      • during long periods of exercise, where the exercise workload is increased, there is a need for a higher cardiac output
        • in trained athletes it is achieved by an increased ejection fraction (stroke volume) - contractions are much more forceful
        • in untrained athlete's it is achieved by an increase in HR
      • 'an increase in HR that occurs during prolonged exercise that compensates for a decrease in stroke volume in an attempt to maintain cardiac output'
      • CD is caused by a reduction in fluids in the body (sweating and heat loss) which decreases the venous return and SV


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