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  • Early challenges to the Republic
    • Unpopularity of the Republic
      • The Weimar Republic did not officially start until July 1919.
      • The politicians who set the Weimar Republic were the same ones who surrendered at end of WW1
      • Therefore the Weimar Republic was always linked to surrender and harsh peace treaty terms.
    • The Armistice
      • After Kaiser abdicated the new government signed the armistice which was an agreement to stop fighting
      • Germany was torn apart by social and political problems
      • Germany army was in retreat and defense.
    • The Treaty of Versailles
      • Peace was popular with German people as they suffered during the war.
      • The treaty of Versailles  was very unpopular and this made the Weimar Republic unpopular.
    • The Diktat
      • Most Germans assumed Germany could reduce some of the terms of the treaty but the allies refused.
      • The treaty terms were imposed.
      • The Germans were bitterly opposed to the treaty terms and asked for concessions.
      • All were refused.
    • The stab in the back.
      • The German people didn't believe that there army was defeated.


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