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The 1559 Religious Settlement

The Religious Settlement of 1559 came in two parts- The Act of Supremacy, and the Act of Uniformity.

The Act of Supremacy made Elizabeth Supreme Governor of the Church. the act took power from the Catholic Pope, which her father, Henry VIII, had also done, except he called himself Supreme  Head. The fact Elizabeth had called herself Governor meant she wouldn't be so dictorial. 

Next came part 2. this was called the Act of Uniformity. This made Protestantism the official faith of England. it also set out rules of religious practice and worship in a revised prayer book. This retained some Catholic traditions which Elizabeth hoped would make a good compromise and keep her people happy. 

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plots against Elizabeth

here's a timeline for plots against Elizabeth:


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the 4 types of vagabond

1.  anglers (thieves who steal through windows with hooks)

2. Doxies (prostitutes who begin with uprightmen)

3. The Counterfeit Crank

The counterfeit crank dressed up in old rags, and pretended to have epilepsy. To do this he would swallow soap so his mouth foamed up when someone walked by.

4. The Clapperdudgeon

The Clapperdudgeon tied arsenic to his skin, making it bleed. He would then tie dirty bandages around it, making sure people would be able to see them.

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Walter Raliegh's Voyages

1584- Raleigh set up a colony on what is now known as Roanoke Island, Virginia, USA. unfortunately, this colony never survived. but why?

  • the supply ships were delayed by the Spanish Armada
  • The planters didn't take enough food.
  • Poor planning.

'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.'Benjamin Franklin

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