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Section 2: The peace
settlement 1918-28
Edexcel History Revision Notes…read more

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The armistice: Why did
Germany want it?
· Most of the WW1 fighting took place on the Western Front
· By Oct. 1918, the Allies were close to victory
· THE ALLIES: Britain, France, USA and Italy
· Germany's allies were leaving the war e.g. Bulgaria, Turkey
and A-H
· The main German fleet mutinied on the 29 October
· Revolution began happening all over Germany
· The Allies blockaded Germany
· The Allies set tough terms for Germany's surrender
· Agreement was reached 11/11 5am…read more

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The Terms
Germany had to:
· Withdraw all it's troops for occupied countries and give back
the land it had won
· Withdraw troops from the Rhineland
· Surrender huge numbers of artillery, machine guns, aircrafts,
locomotives and railway wagons and the entire submarine
· Allow it's navy to be moved to Allied ports- for Allied control…read more

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Ending the fighting
· The Germans asked for the fighting to stop on the 8th
· France's leader, Marshall Foch refused until the armistice was
· On 11th November it was agreed the war would end at 11am…read more

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The aims of the `Big Three':
making peace
· The Allies met in the Palace of Versailles, France to agree the
terms of the formal treaty that would end the war
· The treaty was signed, between Germany and the Allies, on
June 1919
· Matters over what should happen to Germany were discussed
by the Big Three
· Germany was not invited
· They had no say in the treaty
· The Big Three had to make compromises to come to any
agreement at all…read more

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The Fourteen Points
· January 1918- President Wilson of the USA had proposed
Fourteen Points which he said to be the key to fair peace
His ideas included:
· A ban on secret treaties
· Reduction in arms
· Countries should not claim colonies without the consent of
the countries
· The right to self-determination…read more

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