Softimage XSI Tools

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  • Softimage XSI - High performance software with creative tools for artists
    • Camera Sequencer
      • Using the camera sequencer you can have directional control over your scenes
    • Skinning, weighting and constraints
      • You can use these features to control the characters movements and it creates very accurate movements
    • Robot facing rigging toolset
      • Using this feature you can quickly and easily rig and also animate the facial setups of a character
    • Audio syncing tools
      • Using this tool you can easily sync audio with the movements of a 3D facial animation
    • Non-destructive 3D animation toolset
      • These are streamlined, non-destructive 3D animation; used to create things like buildings
    • Syflex cloth
      • Using this you can create highly realistic clothes and flesh giving the animation a better look
    • Lagoa Multiphysics
      • Using lagoa multiphysics you can create effects like liquid, foam and plastic
    • Bullet physics
      • Using bullet collision you can create enhanced obstacle collisions


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