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  • Adobe Flash
    • Frames
      • This is a drawing that defines the starting and ending points of any smooth transition
    • Layers
      • Layers help you organise your artwork, you can draw and edit objects on one layer without effecting objects on another layer
    • Controls
      • Crop
        • The crop tools lets you delete a specific bit which you do not need
      • Magic Wand Tool
        • This tool is used to select a region of an image of a simular colour
      • Eraser Tool
        • You can drag over a section of the image that you dont want and it will erase it
    • Libary
      • Libraries are used to store all the components that you have used to create your document
    • Symbol
      • This is a reusable image or icon that is found in the libary.Using a symbol saves a lot of space
    • Preloaders
      • Preloaders can be used to control how the content laods. It can be used to display a message\animation that tells the user new content is loading
    • ActionScript
      • ActionScript can add interactivity, playback control and data display to the animation


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