True Space Animation

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  • True Space - a commercial animation software , developed by Caligari Corporation.
    • Uv Mapping
      • This tool renders a 3D model of a 2D image. This is mostly used for texture mapping. It is called UV Mapping because U and V are the axis on a 2D image .
      • This cannot be done on a 3D image, and cannot be reverted.
    • Modeling
      • This tool allows the user to create 3D and 2D models at the same time
      • The settings on them modeling tool can be muddled up , therefore becoming hard to edit.
    • Scripting
      • This too uses VB script , which is a more basic version on JavaScript, this makes it more easy to use.
      • Sometimes using a simpler code , can limit that the user can do.
    • Facial Animator
      • This tool lets the usermake the faces of people , or anything with a face, animated really easily, in a smooth motion.
      • This problem with facial animation , is that there needs to be a starting and an end point, this type can sometimes mess up and if the points are not set correctly , then it will do it wrong.


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