Adobe Flash

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  • Controlls
    • Pen tool
      • Allows you to make a line between two points or
    • Text tool
      • Allows for the input of text in varying fonts
    • Shape tool
      • Allows the input of various shapes
    • Pencil tool
      • Allows for a drawn input same as the brush tool but much narrower
    • Bone tool
      • Allows you to give realistic bone and joint physics to sprite
    • Paint bucket tool
      • Fills in a large area with a solid colour
    • Eye dropper tool
      • Selects a colour from a colour that is picked from the image
    • Eraser tool
      • Allows you to remove parts of the image
    • Hand tool
      • Allows for moving around the frame
    • Zoom tool
      • Allows you to get a closer look in the image to go in to more detail
    • Paint brush tool
      • Allows for a drawing input  using the mouse  or graphic design pad
    • Adobe Flash
      • Frames
        • Frames
        • Keyframe
      • Layers
        • Yes, colour code able, lockable and visually toggle able
      • Tweening
        • Motion tween
        • Shape tween
      • Buttons
        • Yes
          • File
          • Edit
          • View
          • Insert
          • Modify
          • Text
          • Commands
          • Control
          • Debug
          • Window
          • Help
      • Libraries
        • Yes, flash supports media libraries
      • Symbols
        • Yes it has buttons that can be created manually like a movie clip
      • Pre- loaders
        • Yes Flash does have pre-loaders
      • Scripts
        • Yes coded in action script


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