LightWave 3D  - is a 3D computer graphics software developed by NewTek. 

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  • LightWave 3D  - is a 3D computer graphics software developed by NewTek.
    • Scripting
      • This tool offers tow possible scripting languages. Their own scripting language and Python. Python was added so the possiable scrpt events within lightwave can be possible.
      • This program only offers two programming languages, therefore if the user wants to use a different one , they cannot.
    • Dynamic Tools
      • Lightwave offers many dynamic tools. These tools can do many things such as;
        • Giving objects physical properties, such as making then shiny.
        • Makeing object appear animated
        • Makeing objects look damaged, such as bullet holes, snow falling, E.G. Back ground Effects.
      • Unfortunately with these tools you have to be very accurate , or they can become very ineffective.
    • Hypervoxels
      • This tool allows the user to render out particular image, and add depth to them within the work space. E.G. Explosions or Dust. This can be applied to liquids with is very effective.
      • However this tool requires a lot of PC power to do as each particle needs to be added in separably.
    • Material Shaders
      • This tool allows the user to change the material of the surfaces.
        • This is a good feature because you can make anything look like anything to blend in with the background .
        • However this is very temperamental , as if the surface is not a clean flat surface then it can sometimes not do it right.


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