Specalist Computer Animation Software Packages

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  • Adobe Flash
    • Frames
      • The individual images created is displayed on the timeline so you can easily edit the images indivudually. It is easier if you rename each frame so you know which frame animates which part of the animation.
    • Controls
      • Selection Tool: Selecting a whole object and moving it this is instead of moving the individual images which more time consuming.
      • Line Tool: Drawing a straight line.
      • Pen Tool: Drawing non straight and curved lines.
      • Text Tool: Inputting a textbox onto the stage.
      • Hand Tool: Move the stage around if it is not visible.
      • Fill Tool: Change the colour of a fill.
      • Eraser: Use a brush to erase parts of an object.
      • Brush Tool: Free drawing brush shapes.
    • Tweening
      • This is when you drag a frame across making the image either stay place forever or it could  be editted to move across the screen instead of having to create several frames.
    • Stage
      • It is a blank canvas that you can begin your animation on.
    • Libraries
      • All of your images/animations will be stored in the 'Library' so you can access them when ever needed.
    • Symbols
      • This is an option to turn an image into a symbol it is also then saved onto the library as a: Symbol.
    • Preloader
      • Preloading the content so you don't have to wait long for the application to load.
    • Toolbar
      • Contains all different types of tools contained in the same place for easy access & use.
    • Layer
      • You can use layers to edit the different animation within. This means you would never need to start again from the beginning, you can just delete the incorrect layer.
    • Buttons
      • There are several different shortcut buttons such as:  Pen= P, Line: L, Text: T etc.
    • Script
      • Adobe Flash has amazing yet often overlooked features. It exhibits an internal fully fiedged python interpreter. This allos any user to add functions by writing a python script.


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