Different Types of Holidays

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  • Diiferent Types of Holidays
    • Activity Holidays
      • E.g White water rafting/caving  (element of risk)
      • Different Challenge
        • New skills
          • Cookery courses
            • Learn how to be chocolatier - Belgium
    • Beach holidays
      • To spend time relaxing on the beach
      • E.g Spain,Greece and France
      • Older People and families
        • Benidrom
      • Younger People
        • Ayia Napa (Cyprus)
      • This could be Sunbathing or Water sports
      • 'Keeping up with the Jones'  lived i nthe bbasment for two weeks from 'pressure' to go on holiday from Neighbours
    • Health Tourism
      • Health spa
        • Massages
      • Luxury treatment
      • Medical
        • Budapest-Dentistry
        • Cape Town (South Africa) Plastic  Surgery
    • Short City Breaks
      • Low city cost flights
        • Prague/Amsterdam
      • Many cities for short  breaks
      • Morocco is furthest you're going to go
      • For couples who wish to see the sights for a short period of time
      • UK- Euro Tunnel
      • Allowing people to enjoy a heritage and cultural break


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