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  • Imigration
  • Emigration
  • Moving house
  • refugee
  • Asylum Seeker
  • Commuting
  • De-urbanisation
  • moving to a retierment home
  • Gypsies
  • Nomad
  • university students
  • Holidays
  • Forced migration
  • Jobs/economic
  • Perminant/weekly/daily
  • Education
  • Legal/illegal.


  • Migration: a long term movement of people (involving a change of address)
  • Emigration: movement into an area or country; people who leave are called immigrants
  • Immigraton: Movement out of an area or country; People who arrive are called emigrants
  • Commuter: A person who travels from their house to their place of work on a daily basis.
  • Asylum seeker: A person who has left their country of origin, is in need of protectoin and awaiting a dicision after applying for refugee status.
  • Economic Migrant: A person seeking work, usualy in anouther country.
  • Refugee: People who have been forced to flee an area. Because of, for example, persecution or war, and have had to take refuge elsewhere.
  • Holidaymaker: A person who has travelled to a different area or environment in order to have a period of relaxation and leisure.  

Medical migraton:

  • Each year 50,000 British people go over seas for operations (madical and cosmetic)
  • Better hospitals and doctors
  • Costs less
  • Skip waiting lists
  • Know specialist sergons
  • Social reasons (going back to family)
  • Negative press about UK health care
  • Perseption of a country
  • Combine a holiday with operation.
  • Many people go to South Africa for cosmetic operations as they have well known sergions and people can combine this operation with a holiday as it has predictable hot…


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