Geography Edexcel A Tourist World Key Terms

A detailed list of key words which are essential for your knowledge of the A Tourist's World, in the Human Geography section of GCSE Georgraphy Edexcel A 

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* CASE STUDY HERE (Dependant on what has been taught to you as it differs at different schools)
Geography Edexcel A Tourists World Key Terms
Consumer Culture: A society in which people have a lot of disposable income which is spent on
holidays and luxuries.
Disposable Income: Income left over after paying bills, food, clothing, tax, petrol e.t.c.
Mass Tourism: Lots of people going to one destination. A lot of money is spent in that destination but
unfortunately mass tourism can ruin cultural heritage.
Package holidays: Flights and accommodation are supplied all in one
Adventure Holidays: A holiday that includes activities that are considered to be quite risky such as
bungee jumping.
Cultural Heritage: A distinct sense of history from a place due to its historic buildings e.t.c
Ecotourism:* A holiday experience that is more for preserving the environment such as visiting a
rainforest. Visitors will experience what people do to help the environment and at the same time
minimise the environmental impacts themselves as tourists. Examples on how a destination becomes
eco friendly: Most staff live in the local area which reduces transport, on site recycling of water, food
served is grown locally e.t.c.
Niche Markets: Catering for a certain age market such as the elderly (saga holidays), family holidays,
activity holidays, wedding holidays....
The Butler Model:* A model showing the sequence of changes experienced by holiday resorts
Educational Holiday: A type of holiday that involves learning something, such as wine tasting or
learning to cook.
Leisure: Use of free time for enjoyment
Life cycle: The process of change experienced during their lifetime, applied to tourist's resorts.
Resort: A settlement where tourism is the main function
Self Catering Holiday: A holiday in which the accommodation costs does not include food
Tourism: Leisure time activity involving at least one overnight stay away from home


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