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Human Geography Tourism Unit

How do we define tourism?
activities that require travel away from home
staying more than one night but less than a year
includes holidaymakers, business trips, visits to friends and family.

What has caused the tourism growth in MEDCs?

Tourism has increased globally.
1950 32 million…

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mountainous and hilly with beaches. Two volcanic areas like Vesuvius and has two
popular islands.
Full of history and old cities.

Italian Riviera Beach Holiday
big beaches and resorts and a few built up areas with expensive shops and restaurants.
cathedrals and museums adds some culture and variation on the…

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Stage Five Stagnation
visitor numbers have now peaked.
the resort is becoming older and dirtier and people are going into new resorts for the
a lower class of customers come and scare other tourists off. Gains a reputation and
doesn't appeal to new customers so needs repeat trade.

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Physical Summer season has Offering inside and outside
unpredictable weather and facilities to attract people all
as it is short people choose year round.
to go elsewhere than waste
Physical Blackpool beach and Beach renourishment and
seawall are constantly groynes keep in sand and
eroded. keep tourists coming.

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have to rely on visitor numbers and if there is a bad year they can't do anything about it but
get less money.
mass holidays are for working class families. So a huge influx of visitors but little money to
show for it.

Environmental Advantages
to get tourists they build…

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less than 2% of all money made at Masai Mara, the biggest park, goes to them.

Environmental Problems
NPs are damaged. Grass lands become dusty in summer and mudbowls in winter. All due
to jeeps queues of 70 at a time and 8000 visitors a day.
so much human contact…

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but the two biggest cruise operators haven't signed the agreement. It is a failure. Ships
now carry more than 400 visitors and there's a worry it may go to a 1000.
people are concerned about what will happen if these bigger ships that can't handle the ice
sink how to…


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