Tourism Explosion

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  • Tourism Explosion
    • Proof of Increasing Tourism
      • 20,000 on holiday per year in 1950s. Almost 1 billion on holiday in 2010s.
      • $500 billion dollar industry (domestic tourism is 4 x more popular than international tourism).
    • Why has Tourism Increased?
      • Socio-economic
        • People are now paid more: they can afford to tour.
        • Families have changed: now both parents work (more money for holidays); people are having fewer kids (less people to pay for); most people have access to cars (easier to travel).
        • People get more holidays time in their job (increased to 5/6 weeks a year) so they have more time to tour.
          • People are now paid more: they can afford to tour.
        • Life expectancy has increased: pensioners have the time and money to travel many times per year
      • Technological Advancements
        • Increased travel options (bus, train, aeroplane and ferries) make movement easier.
          • These new transport methods are much quicker than in the past, so are more appealing.
        • It's easier/ cheaper to book holidays in advance online. This avoids hassle.
      • More choice
        • Unlike in the past, you can go to nearly anywhere, including environments, holiday types and culture.
        • Package holidays online are a cheaper alternative and appeal to many people.
    • Tourist Attractions
      • Beaches
        • Appeal: They are sunny and relaxing.
        • Who goes: It's literally for anyone.
        • Activities: Snorkelling, swimming, sunbatheing.
      • Mountains
        • Appeal: They are very scenic and challenging
        • Who goes: Sightseers, hikers etc.
        • Activities: Skiing, hiking, biking, walking etc.
      • Culture (cities)
        • Appeal: You learn about different places, entertainment
        • Activities: Nightlife, museums and galleries, shops.
        • Who goes: Younger people and retired people.
    • Economic Importance of Tourism
      • MEDCs
        • Contributes to a balanced rich ecomony.
      • It brings in foreign income. For example, the USA got over  $1 billion from tourism in 2009
      • It provides jobs and boosts the local economy as it benefits local companies, such as cafes and hotels


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