Diet and excercise B1 revision AQA

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  • Diet and Excercise
    • Food groups
      • Fibres
        • prevent constipation
      • Carbohydrates
        • Provides energy
      • Fats
        • Provide stored energy
      • Water
        • Chemical reaction
      • Vitamins and minerals
        • General health and wellbeing
      • Proteins
        • Provide energy
    • Metabolism
      • Factors that affect it
        • Gender
        • Genetics
        • Excercise
        • Muscle to fat ratio
      • The rate in which chemical reactions happen in the body
      • Females generally have a lower metabolism as they have a higher fat to muscle ration
    • Cholesterol
      • Bad cholesterol blocks the arteries to the heart limiting blood flow and can cause a heart attack
      • Good cholesterol helps make cell membranse
    • Type 2 diabetes
      • Can lead you to be overweight as your body cant control your blood sugar levels
      • Malnutrition
        • Under weight
        • Overweight


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