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Overall summary questions on B1 AQA

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What do we mean by a balanced diet?

A diet which contains equal amounts of all the nutrients needed for a healthy body.

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Give three reasons to explain why a person may be malnourished:

- Too much energy

- Too little food

- Missing nutrients

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Name the two main effectors in the human body:

- Glands

- Muscles

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Name three stimuli which effect humans:

- Light

- Sound

- Touch

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Name two very addictive drugs:

- Cocaine

- Heroine

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What is meant by a double blind trial?

When neither the doctor nor the patient knows who has had the drug and who has had the placebo.

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State three things that plants compete for:

- Light

- Water

- Nutrients

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Why do warning colours prevent some animals from being eaten?

Because it sends a signal saying that the animal is either poisonous or won't taste nice.

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What does the word biomass mean?

The mass of living material.

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Give an example of a detritus feeder:

- Worm

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In what way are embryo transplants similar to what happens when identical twins form.

Transplants- the embryo splits several times

Twins- The embryo splits into two

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What is meant by evolution?

The idea that organisms have developed from simple life forms and changed over time to suit their lifestyle.

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Why did it take so long for Darwin's theory to be accepted?

- Scientists didn't have enough evidence

- It went against the idea that God created all living things.

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What is a pathogen?

An organism that causes disease.

What is meant a mutation of a pathogen?

A change in the gene

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Why don't doctors give antibiotics for mild throat infectioons?

Because the body heals itself and if used often it could become resistant to the antibiotics.

How does a person develop immunity following vaccination?

The white blood cells produce antibodies.

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How are impulses transmitted across a synapse?

Through means of chemicals.

Describe the sequence of events in a reflex action.

Stimulus - Receptor - Sensory neurone - Relay neurone - Motor neurone - Effecter - Response. 

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Why are FSH and LH given in fertility treatment?

FSH matures the egg.

LH stimulates ovulation

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