biology triple award B1 revision aqa

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  • biology B1 trtiple award aqa
    • diet and energy
      • fatty foods
        • one gram of fat releases almost twice as much energy as one gram of carbohydrate orn one gram of protein
        • protiens are not usually a major source of energy for the body because they are used for more important functions of growth and repair
      • cholesteral
        • eating saturated ats raises blood cholesteral levels
        • some peoples bodies are better at keeping cholesteral levels low in their blood
          • this is inherited from the parents
        • good and bad cholesteral
          • there are 2 types of cholesteral
            • low-density lipoprotien (LDL)
              • this is bad as it causes heart disease
            • high-density lipoprotien (HLD)
              • this is good as it protects against heart disease
                • does this by removing cholesteral from the walls of blood vessels
    • pathogens and infections
      • disease
        • micro-organsims that cause disease are called pathogens
        • bacteria reproduces rapidly inside the body
          • they may produce toxins that make people feel ill
        • viruses reproduce inside a body cell then destroy it when they burst out
          • the viruses then invade other cells
    • drugs against disease
      • antibiotics
        • antibiotics are drugs that kill bacteria
      • prescribing antibiotics


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