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Biology 1
Shamaila Hussain…read more

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Diet and Metabolic Rate
Food Groups Reason
Carbohydrates Release energy
Fats Release energy and keep us warm
Protein Cell repair
Fibre Help with the digestive system (poo)
Vitamins and Minerals Keep the body functioning healthily
Metabolic Rate
Diet which is badly out of
The rate at which all chemical
reactions in the body are
carried out. It can vary based
on how active you are and the
proportion to muscle and fat
in your body. It can also be
affected by inherited factors.…read more

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Factors Affecting Health
Eating too much Eating too little
Obesity- being 20% over the Slow Growth
recommend BMI
Hormonal problems Fatigue (tiredness)
Type 2 Diabetes (unable to control Poor resistance to infection
blood sugar level)
Arthritis (inflammation of joints) Irregular periods
High Blood Pressure Deficiency diseases e.g. Scurvy
Too much fat.... To much salt....
Increases your High blood pressure and
blood cholesterol heart problems
level.…read more

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Exercise and Inherited Factors
A person loses mass when the Exercise builds up muscle
food taken in is less than the which increases your
amount of energy expended metabolic rate.
(used up) by the body.
Inherited Factors
·Underactive Thyroid Gland lowers
metabolic rate which leads to obesity
·Inherited factors can increase blood
Blood Cholesterol
A fatty substance essential for health found in every cell. Too much can
lead to heart disease.…read more

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Fighting Disease
Pathogens Bacteria Viruses
Microorganisms which Very small cells which Viruses replicate themselves
cause infectious make you ill by by invading into the cells
diseases damaging your cells machinery to produce many
and producing toxins copies of themselves. The
cells burst and the damage is
Defence systems what makes you ill. They're
·Skin, hairs and mucus in your respiratory tract not living things- all they do
which stops things getting side is reproduce
·When you bleed, platelets form to seal wounds
·White blood cells,
White Blood Cells
1. Engulf foreign antigens and digest them
2. Produce antibodies (Proteins which form to
latch on to a specific antigen)
3. Producing antitoxins which counteract the
toxins released by pathogens…read more

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Vaccinations involve injecting small amounts of dead
or inactive microorganisms. These carry antigens which
make your body produce antibodies. Then, if the live
version of the same microorganism appears, your body
can rapidly produce antibodies to attack it.
Pros Cons
Control lots of infectious They don't always work
diseases which used to be
common in the U.K e.g.
Smallpox and polio
Epidemics can be prevented as Bad reactions e.g. swelling
people who aren't vaccinated
are still protected as the ones
who are vaccinated aren't
affected.…read more

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