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Accurate A measurement that is close to the true value
Hypothesis A theory that can be tested
Precision The degree to which a variable is measured
Fair test A test in which only the independent variable is
allowed to affect the dependent variable
Reliability Achieved by repeating an investigation until the
results are consistent
Categoric A variable that has values described as labels or
Dependent The variable that is measured as an outcome
Continuous A variable that can take any numerical value
Ordered A type of categoric variable that can be ranked
Control A variable that is kept constant
Independent The variable changed by the scientist
Discrete A variable that is restricted to whole numbers…read more

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Nerves & Hormones - Key words
· Stimulus
· Gland
· Receptor
· Hormone
· Sensory neurone
· Target organ
· Relay neurone
· LH
· Motor neurone
· Synapse
· Oestrogen
· Effector
· Tropisms
· Muscle…read more

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Organisation of the Nervous
Always follows a similar pattern (7 stages)
Sensory Neurone
Motor Neurone
Response…read more

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Nervous system
What are the changes in our environment
that we can detect?
What are the receptors?
? ?
?…read more

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The Reflex Arc
What are the main labels for this diagram?…read more

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