Diet and CHD

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  • diet
    • components
      • carbohydrates needed to provide enrgy
      • fats/lipids act as energy source, used for insulation, make up cell membranes, physically protect organs
      • protiens needed for growth, repair of tissues and to make enzymes
      • vitmaines are all needed as they ezch have different functions, Eg D is needed for calcium absorpption
      • minerals and salts are all needed as they have different functions Eg iron needed for haemoglobin
      • fibre is needed for aiding gut movement
      • water is needed for chemical reactions
    • malnutrition
      • caused by having too little or too much of certain nutrients- not a balanced diet
      • malabsorption is where your body cant absorb nutrients, leading to deficiency diseases.
    • over nutrition
      • can lead to obesity- 20% over the recomended weight
      • increases chance of type 2 diabetes, arthiritis, high blood pressure, CHD and some cancers
      • ovesity is caused by too little excersise and eating too much
      • BMI = mass / height - this is not accurate as doesnt take into account muscle mass
    • CHD
      • HDL is mainly proteins, transport cholesterol from tissue tpo liver to be recycled, reduces cholesterol levels
        • eating polyunsaturated fats increase HDL level
      • LDL is found in saturated fats, takes cholesterol from liver to tissue, creates fatty deposits, atherosclerosis
      • salt damages artery walls, risks of fatty deposits increased, decreases water potential causing blood pressure to increase


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