The functions of proteins in living organisms include:

  • Muscle Tissue
  • Membrane Transport
  • Connective Tissue
  • Blood Clot Formation
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The ways a pathogen can damage host cells:

1. A pathogen may rupture host cells.

2. It may break down and use nutrients in the host cells, so that the host cells starve and die.

3. A pathogen may replicate inside host cells and burst them as it leaves.

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Lifestyle factors that can affect your chances of getting CHD:

1. Poor diet - a diet high in saturated fat or salt

2. Smoking

3. Lack of exercise

4. Excessive alcohol intake

All these can lead to high blood pressure, which can damage the heart and the bllod vessels, increasing the risk of CHD.

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Proteins function as enzymes, hormones, antibodies and transport molecules. They also form muscle and connective tissue and are involved in membrane transport. The wide range of protein functions is due the wide range of possible protein structures.

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