Heart Disease Question Pack (part one)

We have been given a study pack at college which contains lots of helpful activities based on the Heart Disease topic of OCR AS-Level Biology. I will upload Part 2 when we have covered the information in class.

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Heart Disease Study Pack (part 1)
Brainstorm the reasons why we eat.
2. Define the term `nutrition' -

3. Define the term `balanced diet' -

4. Define the term `obesity' -

5. Complete the table:

Nutrient Function Amount required daily Amount of energy in

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10. Complete the following table of BMI and weight categories

BMI Category
Less than 18.5
18.5 ­ 25
25 ­ 30
30 ­ 40
Morbidly Obese

11. Is it healthy to have a BMI of under 18?

12. What do the three classes of obesity indicate?

13. Which body shape…

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Diet and coronary heart disease
1. What does CHD stand for?

2. What is CHD the result of?

3. Where are the coronary arteries found?

4. What is the function of the coronary arteries?

5. What does the term atherosclerosis mean?

6. What affect does atherosclerosis have on the size…

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12. Discuss the following statement, providing evidence for your discussion.
"Cholesterol is bad for you and should be avoided at all costs."


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