risk factors and coronary heart disease

factors we can control (lifestyle factors)

reducing the risk of chd

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factors that we can control (lifestyle factors)

  • smoking: smokers are between two and six times more likely to suffer from chd. giving up smoking is the single most effective way of increasing life expectancy.
  • high blood pressure: excessive, prolonged stress, certain diets and lack of exercise all increase blood pressure and hence the risk of chd.
  • obesity: a body mass index of over 25 brings an increased risk of chd.
  • diet: high levels of salt in the diet raise blood pressure whilst high levels of saturated fatty acids increase blood cholesterol concentration. both therefore increase the risk of chd. by contrast, foods such as dietary fibre reduces the risk of chd by lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • physical activity: aerobic exercise can lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol as well as helping to avoid obesity - all of which reduce the risk of chd.
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reducing the risk of cancer and chd

  • giving up smoking or not taking up smoking
  • avoiding becoming overweight
  • reducing salt intake in diet
  • reducing intake of cholesterol and saturated fats in diet
  • taking regular aerobic exercise
  • keeping alcohol consumptions within limits
  • increasing the intake of dietary fibre and antioxidants in diet.
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