Causes of disease

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  • Lifestyle and health
    • Lifestyle choices and coronary heart disease (CHD)
      • Smoking increases the risk of CHD
      • High blood pressure- prolonged stress and certain diets and lack of exercise all increase blood pressure and hence increase the risk of CHD
      • Blood Cholesterol levels increase the risk of CHD and this could be lowered by including fewer saturated fatty acids inn the diet.
      • Obesity0- BMI of over 25 bring an increased risk of CHD
      • Diets with high levels of salt raise the blood pressure of the blood while high levels of saturated fatty acids raise the blood cholesterol levels and therefore increase risk of  CHD
    • Lifestyle choices and cancer
      • Smoking increases the risk of cancer
      • Diet- there is strong evidence that diet low in fat, high fibre diet, rich in fibre diet, rich in fruit and vegetable, reduces the risk of cancer
      • Obesity- being overweight increases the risk of cancer
      • Physical activity- people who take regular exercise are at lower risk of developing cancer than those who do no exercise or little exercise.
      • Sunlight- the more someone is exposed to sunlight or light from the sunbed (UV light) the higher the risk of developing skin cancer
    • Risk is something that increases the chance of something happening


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