1.3 Lifestyle and Health

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  • 1.3 Lifestyle and Health
    • Risk
      • A measure of the probability that damage to health will occur as a result of a given hazard.
      • Elements of risk.
        • A probability that a hazardous event will occur.
        • The consequences of that hazardous event.
    • Factors that increase the risk of CHD
      • Diet high in salt and/or saturated fatty acids.
      • High levels of cholesterol in blood.
      • Obesity.
      • High blood pressure.
      • Lack of physical activity.
      • Smoking.
    • Factors that increase the risk of Cancer
      • Obesity.
      • Lack of fibre, fruit and vegetables in diet.
      • Lack of physical excercise
      • Smoking.
      • Exposure to sunlight
    • Reducing the risk of cancer or CHD
      • Avoiding becoming overweight.
      • Giving up/not starting smoking.
      • Doing regular exercise.
      • Reducing the amount of salt in your diet.
      • Keeping alcohol consumption within the recommended limits.
      • Reducing the amount of saturated fats in your diet
      • Increasing the intake of fibre and antioxidants in your diet.


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