CRTF #10 Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factor: 6. Non-Decisions

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  • Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors:                               6. Non-Decisions
    • They are based on taken-for-granted assumptions, for example women should take primary responsibility for childcare
    • It is often taken for granted that the mans job is more impotent than his partners, since they will probably give up paid employment when the couple have children
    • Many actions do not involve conscious decisions - as such, they can be seen as "non-decisions"
    • In terms of domestic labour, there are a number of non-decisions. The following are traditionally seen as women's work:
      • Childcare
      • Washing, cleaning and ironing
      • Emotional Work
    • Often there is little or no discussion because those involved are simply following social norms which are largely unquestioned
    • Mansfield and Collard - 1998
      • In terms on this non-decision men  have more power than women
      • Suggests that men gain and women lose from the taken-for-granted assumption that men's jobs should take priority over women's jobs


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