Conjugal Roles and The Family (CRTF) #1: Definitions

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  • Conjugal Roles and The Family:                     Definitions
    • Joint Conjugal Roles
      • Are those where the husband and wife carry out many activities together and with a minimum of tasks differentiation and separation of interests. Marriages in which couples share activities and have overlapping social networks are thought to be more stable
    • Expressive Roles
      • The nurturing, caring and emotional role, linked by functionalists to women's biology and seen as women's "nature" role in the family
    • Conjugal roles
      • Where Husbands and Wives will share, housework and childcare, decisions and leisure time
    • Instrumental Roles
      • The provider or breadwinner role often associated with functionalists as the men's role in family life
    • Segregated Conjugal roles
      • In which the husband and wife have clear differentiation of tasks and  a considerable number of takes and activities. Marriages where couples have less social ties and obligations tend to be less durable
    • Interrogated Conjugal roles
      • Roles in marriage or in cohabitating couples where male and female partners share domestic s tasks, childcare, decision making and income earning


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