CRTF #16 Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors: 12. Changes in Money Management

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  • Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors:                              12. Changes in Money Management
    • Pahl (1993) looked at how couples managed their money, with these results:
      • Husbands Controlled - 22 Couples
        • No joint bank account
        • He paid wife a weekly allowance. If the wife is earning her own money it went in the housekeeping allowance
      • Wife Controlled Pooling - 27 Couples
        • Joint Bank account
        • Wife did finances, paid the bills, check statements, typical of middle income households, where both parents earner
      • Wife Controlled - 14 Couples
        • No joint account typically no bank account at all, all operations in cash
        • Typical of low income working class families where neither had qualificaitons
      • Husbands Controlled Pooling - 39 Couples
        • Husband  paid main bills
        • Checks statements etc.
        • Joint bank account
        • Typical of higher levels of income, wife in poorer job
      • He studies 102 couples, all with one child under 16 years. The sample was too small to be representative but it covered a wife mix of the population.
    • Laurie and Gershuny (2000)
      • Concluded that while there was some evidence of a movement towards greater equality
      • "we are still far from a position in which the balance between the sexes in the workplace, corresponds to the balance of work and economic power in the home"
    • Vogler (1994)
      • examined the extent to which money management systems had changed over time
      • She found that the housekeeping allowance system where the woman is given an allowance from the man to pay for household expenses had declined considerably from 35%to 12% of couples), whereas some form of pooling had increased from 19% to 50%


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