CRTF #12 Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors: 8.Dual Career Families

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  • Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors:                         8.Dual Career Families
    • Definition of Egalitarian:
      • Relates to the family that the husband and wife will share the domestic roles like housework- so the burden doesn't fall upon one of them
    • Hardill Et Al -1997
      • They found "evidence of career-related decisions and decisions relating to the infrequent, lifestyle decisions being made either by male partners of jointly by both partners in about a third of case study households
      • The sample consisted of households where you might expect the careers of bother parents to be important
      • There was therefore some evidence of small move towards more egalitarian relationships
      • attempted to discover whether there had been any shifts towards more egalitarian power relationships in marriages since the work of Edgell
      • Although men still dominated in most households, this was not the case in a significant minority of households
    • Leighton - 1992
      • In her study of professional couples, working class wives often took over responsibility for bills and initiated cutbacks in speanding
      • Discovered that the power to influence and make family decisions changed when males became unemployed


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