CRFT #8 Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors: 4. Stereotypes and Conjugal Roles

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  • Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors:                                4. Stereotypes and Conjugal Roles
    • British Household Survey - 2001
      • For example, when both spouss work full time, and even when the man is unemployed and his wife works, women put more hours into domestic labour than men
      • suggests that whatever the work domestic set up, women do more in the home than men
      • Some sociologists have suggested that unemployed men actually resist increased involvement in housework because they interpret it at unmasculine and as further threatening their role as breadwinner
    • McKee and Bell - 1986
      • Found that unemployed men in their study found it degrading to do housework and to be "kept" by their employed wives
    • Sclater - 2000
      • Points out that household technologies, advertise as making life easier for women have actually increased this burden because they have raised household standards of cleanliness and increased time spent on housework


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