CTRF #15 Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors:11. Class Difference

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  • Conjugal Roles and Domestic Chores Factors:                              11. Class Difference
    • For many women full time child care is essential if they are to hold down any form of employment or career
    • Arber and Ginn (1995)
      • Argue that while middle class women can often afford such childcare, working class women cannot and are therefor trapped in a vicious circle of childcare responsibilities and low-paid, part time employment
    • Gregson and Lowe (1994)
      • Working-class families however cannot afford to do this and often carry out the dual burden and unpaid domestic work
      • In their study of employment of domestic "help" by dual earner middle-class family's  found that it was more economical to employ working class nannies and cleaners that for the wife to stay at home


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