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AS Unit 1 Acquiring Culture;
Family and Culture Week 5:
Conjugal Roles…read more

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Have viewed this slide show you should be aware of:
The changing roles perspective suggesting a growth of the
companionate conjugal couple.
The impact of employment and unemployment upon the
division of labour.
How women still undertake the bulk of domestic tasks.
How technology and living standards are impacting upon
How power and authority relations still operate in ways that
benefit men.
Ideas of the 'triple shift' through recognition of emotion
Family and Culture Week 5…read more

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Housework and care-work are still
predominantly female tasks
9 out of 10 women who work full-
time undertake most household
chores (Top Sante magazine)
However, this bleak picture is
slowly improving.
Family and Culture Week 5…read more

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`Changing Roles Perspective'
The changing rôles perspective
assumes a gradual sharing of
gender rôles within the family.
The most famous advocates are
Willmott and Young (1973) who
talk of movement towards the
`symmetrical family'.
Symmetry describes a `sense of balance'
between the duties of the male and female.
Men Couples
more Women as are
domes breadwinn compani
tic Family and Culture Week onate
5…read more

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Evidence for Changing Roles
In addition, in recent years there has
been an acceptance of the
interchangeability of roles.
7 out of 10 women of working age now
have jobs, and half of mothers with
children aged under five are in work.
A surprising 36% of couples say that
the man is the main carer (Equal
Opportunities Commission)
Family and Culture Week 5…read more

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Economically-Active Mothers
Paid employment would seem to
empower women within the family.
On average, the more hours a woman
is employed outside the home, the
more domestic work appears to be
With many women working
unsocial hours (evenings or
weekends), men are increasingly
having to care for their children.
Family and Culture Week 5…read more

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