Health B1.1

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  • Health B1.1
    • Food contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre and water.
      • Tests:                      1. For sugar - benedicts solution, turns from blue to green/yellow.     2. For starch - iodine, turns dark blue.          3. For protein - Buiret, goes purple.
    • Vitamins and Minerals
      • 1. Vitamin A - Healthy skin.     2. Vitamin B1 - healthy nerves   3. Vitamin C- iron                  4. Vitamin D - makes bones + teeth.
    • Microbes, in and out:             -Bacteria, fungi, virus, protozoa                     - smallest living things                 - antibodies                           -Immune system              - Phagocytes      -Virsuses
    • Malnutrition (bad nutrition):      1. Anorexia nervosa                         2. Obesity - causes heart attacks, strokes, strains on joints from excess weight, diabetes and high cholestorol (fibre prevents high cholestorol)
    • Body needs energy to...                        keep warm, grow, move, repair, breathe/digest and for growing a new baby.
      • Protein needed to make things, repair damaged parts, replace damaged parts, make antibodies, make hormones and make enzymes.
    • Smoking, drugs, alcohol:                           -all depressants (slow down reaction time)      - men should only drink 4 units a day, women only 4 units a day         - addictive - nicotine                    -reduces oxygen which can cause cancer.


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