keeping healthy

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  • B1.1 keeping healthy
    • metabolic rate
      • The metabolic rate is the rate of chemical reactions in your cells.
      • Metabolic rate is affected by the amount of exercise you do but the metabolic rate is also based on inheritance.
      • The proportion of fat to muscle also affects the rate
      • Metabolic rate also affects how easily you gain and lose mass.
    • cholesterol
      • high-density lipoproteins are good cholesteal
      • low-density lipoproteins are bad cholesterol and cause heart disease
      • the balance of the two is very important to good heart health
    • fats
      • saturated fats raise blood cholesterol levels
      • monu-unsaturated reduce blood choesterol leves a little
      • polyunsaturated fats help to reduce bllod cholesterol levels and improve the balance of the other two fats
    • balanced diet
      • fats
      • carbohydrate
      • minerals
      • fibre
      • protein
      • water
      • vitamins


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