Components of health-related fitness

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  • Components of health-related fitness
    • Stamina
      • ability to sustain stressful physical exertion for a period of time
        • e.g. long distance running, swimming
    • Muscular endurance
      • the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to perform repetitive contractions over a period of time
    • Strength
      • Dynamic
        • repeatedly applying force over a period of time
        • e.g. reps when weight training
      • Explosive
        • the rapid contraction of muscle fibre units to achieve a maximum generation of force
        • e.g. jumping, sprinting
        • exerting a force in a short, sharp burst
      • Static
        • the holding of a limb or body part in a static/immobile position
          • achieved by muscles maintaining a state of contraction or tension
    • Speed
      • speed is achieved through the coordinated application of powerful, maximal, muscular contractions
      • demonstrated by sprinter
    • Power
      • the application of maximal forces from muscular contractions as rapidly as possible
      • e.g. spike in volleyball, smash in tennis
    • Flexibility
      • the ability of a limb or body part to  show a wide range of movement
      • the range of movement around a joint


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