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Chapter 1: Healthy and active lifestyles 

Health-related fitness = A basic level of physical fitness components which facilitate a good level of health 

Requirements for participation 


  • Fitness is blamed by a lack of time 
  • fitness in itself can be obtained maintained or improved assuming that basic health is present. However, a lack of fitness will limit the effectiveness of the performer within the sporting context 


this refers to the experiences that an idividual has had.

  • do they feel they can play the game?
  • Do you have sufficient knowledge of the rules and laws of the activity 


Are essential in order to take part in physical activity and sport. they can be categorized into three main areas: The physical equipment necessary to take part, sufficient people to take part with or against, and the money to pay for hire or purchase of facilities  


Contemporary concerns: what is often seen as a positive societal development may also contribute, inadvertently to several negative issues. 

Obesity: this refers to the degree of body fat over and…


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