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  • Coasts
    • Explain how the sediment cell contributes to the understanding of coastal systems (8)
    • Explain the influence of rock structure and lithology on physical features
    • Explain how sub aerial processes have contributed to the development of this landscape (6)
    • Climate change is the most important factor in influencing flood risk?
    • Explain the role that vegetation plays in dune succession development on sandy coastlines ?
    • Assess the factors that are taken into consideration when making policy decisions on Integrated Coastal Zone Management via Shoreline Management Plans (20 marks)
    • Explain the formation of a discordant and concordant coastline:
    • Explain how recession rates may have been affected by alternating rock strata and geological structure along a concordant coastline?
    • Explain how different wave types influence annual beach morphology and sediment profiles
    • Assess the role that short-term and long-term processes of sea level change have on coastal areas (20)


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