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  • boscome
    • location
      • suburb of bourenmouth
      • Bournemouth in the south coast of england
    • why was change needed
      • in Victorian times boscome thrived as a tourist destination
      • transport became more available and in 1970 and 80's more people went abroad
      • local businesses and council weren't receiving the same amount of money
      • one third of bourenmouths drug and alchol addicts lived in boscome
      • double Bournemouth average of unemployment
      • housing was of poor quality so young families did nit life here (working age)
    • how they re branded boscome
      • surf reef
        • double the number of good surfing days
      • refurbish pier
        • pier of the year in 2011
      • derelict building transformed into high quality beach leisure facilities
        • resaurant and bar
          • hot chocolates in winter and ice cream in summer, versatile
        • stylish beach huts
        • surf school, surf equipment hire and retail
        • public showers and toilettes
        • all round life guarding facilites
        • play area
          • mini golf
          • games area
          • childrens water play feature
        • re-branding to make it an all year surfing detination
          • all year round sport
          • benefits the cafes all year round
    • sucess
      • created many jobs 532 full time
      • 25% uplift in local house prices
      • 325 increase in visor numbers


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