book 1

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  • book 1
    • the land Aeneas  will found will be called labium , which will become rome
    • this is made difficult by juno
      • she hates the Trojans becuase
        • they are destined to destroy her favourite city Carthage
        • Paris said Venus was more beautiful than Juno and Athena
      • Trojans came as far a sicily
      • Juno visits Aeolia to see Aeolus god of the winds to ask him to send a large storm to destroy Aeneas ships
        • he does so because
          • she made him a god
          • she promises him she will gibe the choice of marring one of her nine fertile beautiful nymths
      • aenas is hit by the east wind, south and so'wester wind
      • all ships are damages and destroyed
    • Neptune intervenes
      • he rescues the ships and calms the storms
    • aeneas wishes he had be killed in troy
    • the Trojans head for the nearest coast which is Libya
      • Aeneas put the seven ships in a cave and anchates lights a fire
      • Aeneas goes out to find men but instead manges to capture 3 stags
        • he eventually capture seven carcasses one for each ship
        • he shares out the food and wine to boast the mens morales
    • the grieve for the men they think are dead
      • caring
    • Venus begs Jupiter to let Aeneas reach Italy at last
      • worried protective mother
        • she is worried because  other other trojan ancestors have reached north of Italy
      • Jupiter comforts Aeneas by telling him Aeneas destiny
        • he will fight a great war
        • he will then rule latium for 3 years
        • the iulus will rule for 30 years
        • Romulus will then take over after 300 years and give his own name to the romans


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