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  • solutions to mass tourism
    • lamu
      • up the coast from mombasa
      • no large hotels
      • few bars selling alcohol
      • no large coach parties
      • tourist are given information on how to dress appropriately
      • tax is paid by tourists to go towards developing local area eg preserving local architecture
      • hotels are low rise and are lower than the trees
      • hotels blend in with the local style
        • white and thatched roofs
      • sugar daddies and mummies banned and tourist police created
    • tsmaru
      • national park in land 5o miles from coast
      • expensive to reduce tourism
      • authentic as tourists stayed in tents
      • had a local expert for a tour guide
      • far smaller groups
      • animals were not used to humans to they were seen in their natural environment
      • the money they make is limited but they can continue for decades
    • coral reefs
      • "no anchor zone" and glass bottomed boats
    • hotels encouraged to recycle when possible and waste stored in animal proof bins


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