Christian teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation

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  • Christian teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation
    • Most Christians believe humanity is separated from humanity by our sin, but they can be forgiven through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
      • Jesus' death meant that God and humans can be reconciled. Jesus dies to bring forgiveness and reconciliation
    • Jesus said that people who do not forgive those who sin against them ,God will not forgive them
    • St Paul said Christians should try to live in peace with everyone
      • The way to bring about reconciliation is for people to forgive those who have upset them
    • Christianity is based on forgiveness and reconciliation
      • Christian churches teach that people should forgive others and be reconciled with them
      • The power to forgive and love people can lead to reconciliation and the ending of conflict
    • However if a quarrel involves religion or moral issues, if the person is going against the Bible there cannot be reconciliation.
      • Christian beliefs should not be given up for family and friends





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