Peace and Conflict

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  • Peace and Conflict
    • Christian attitudes to bullying
      • Christians are against it because:
        • it is their duty to protect the innocent
        • it is sinful for Christians to use violence without a just cause
        • it is mistreating God's creation
        • Jesus taught that no Christian would bully Jesus and so they should not bully anymore
    • Muslims attitudes to bullying
      • Muslims are against it because:
        • they should be responsible citizens
        • they should treat all Muslims as their brothers and they should protect the weak and innocent
        • all the law schools teach that Muslims should defend human rights and bullying denies the victim's human rights
    • Religious conflicts within families can occur if:
      • children no longer wish to follow their parents' religion, but their parents want them to
      • children want to marry someone of a different religion
      • children become more religious than their parents and start criticising their parents for not following the religion strictly enough
      • children disagree with their parents over moral issues
    • Christians teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation
      • Jesus died on the cross to bring forgiveness
      • Jesus taught that if Christians do not forgive others they will not be forgiven themselves
      • The Church teaches that they should forgive to end conflicts
    • Muslims teachings on forgiveness and reconciliation
      • God is compassionate and merciful to sinners, so Muslims should be forgiving
      • The Qur'an says that Muslims should forgive those who offend them
      • Muhammed said in many hadith that Muslims should be forgiving


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