Religion and Society: Peace and Conflict

Revision notes on Peace and Conflict

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Christian Pacifism

  • Jesus taught that Christians should resist evil and turn the other cheek
  • Jesus said we should love our enemies
  • Jesus stopped Peter from using violence 'Put your sword back in its place for those who draw the sword will die by the sword
  • Fifth Commandment says "Do not kill"
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Christians: For Just War

  • St Paul said we should obey the governement as they are authorised by God
  • Jesus never condemned soldiers
  • Christians should protect the innocent countries 
  • Churches says that Christian's should fight in just war
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Muslims: For fighting in Just War

  • Qur'an says Muslims must fight in Just War
  • Muhammad said Muslim's must fight
  • Muhammad fought in Just War
  • Qur'an says those who fight in just war will go straight to heaven 
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Christian attitudes to bullying

  • Regards violence without just reason so it is a sin
  • Mistreating God's creation
  • Jesus said you should love thy neighbour
  • Christian's should protect the weak and innocent 
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Muslim attitudes to bullying

  • Regards violence without just reason
  • Muhammad said 'every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim'
  • Muslims are part of the Ummah so should treat each other with equal respect and treatment
  • Muslims must protect the weak and innocent
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Christian teachings on forgiveness and reconciliat

  • Jesus allowed reconciliation between God and humans by dying on the Cross
  • How do you expect God to forgive your sins if you can't forgive others
  • St Paul said that everyone should live in peace with each other
  • Christian churches say that the power of forgiveness can lead to reconciliation which could end war and conflict
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Muslim teachings on Forgiveness and Reconciliation

  • God is merciful to sinners so Muslims should be
  • How do you expect God to forgive you if you don't forgive
  • Qur'an says Muslims should be forgiving
  • Muhammad made hadiths saying Muslims should be forgiving
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