Christian attitudes to war : Pacifism

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  • Christian attitudes to war : Pacifism
    • This means refusing to fight in wars
      • Modern warfare affects so many people and so war can never be justified
      • Some Christian pacifists refuse to be involved in any violence and would not resist anyone who attacks them
    • Reasons for Christian pacifism
      • Sermon on the mount - resist evil, turn the other cheek and love your enemies
      • Jesus stopped Peter when he tried to cut of the soldier's ear - Those who live by the sword die by the sword
      • Fifth commandment - Thou shall not kill
      • For the first 300 years of the Christian faith, Christians did not fight in wars. This leads people to believe the first Christian leaders were pacifists
      • Weapons of mass destruction cause horrible things to happen to civilians, so wars cannot be justified and Christians should not get involved with them


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