Different Christian attitudes to war

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Attitudes and reasons

1. Christian pacifism:

Pacifism- the belief that all disputes should be settled by peaceful means

Weapons of mass distruction- weapons which can destroy large areas and numbers of people.

Many 20th Christians are pacifists- feel that modern warfare affects too many innocent people.

Pacifist groups- Pax Christi

Pacifist Churches- Quakers, Plymouth Brethren, Christadelphians


  • Jesus- Sermoon on the Mount- resist evil/ turn the other cheek
  • Jesus- "Love your enemies"
  • Jesus stopped Peter from using violence- "All who draw the sword will die by the sword."
  • 5th Commandment- "You must not kill"
  • Christians in first 300 years of Christianity refused to fight
  • Weapons of mass destruction = killing of innocents

2. The attitudes that Christians can fight in Just Wars:

Christian Church regularly makes statements opposing war and encoouraging peace, but recognises that it is not always possible. War may be necessary.


  • Churches teach that Christians have the right to fight in Just Wars
  • St Paul- Christians should obey the orders of the government, authorised by God
  • Jesus never condemned the soldiers he met- he commended the faith of the Roman Centurion.
  • Jesus said "Give unto Caesar what it Caesar's."
  • We need a police force to protect the innocent, and Just Wars also protect the innocent.
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