Islam and attitudes to war

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  • Islam and attitudes to war
    • There is no idea of pacifism in Islam
      • The Qur'an teaches Muslims to 'struggle in the way of Islam' - Jihad. There are two forms of Jihad
        • Greater Jihad
          • Struggle to make yourself and your society perfectly Muslim
        • Lesser Jihad
          • Struggle with forces outside yourself by means of war
    • Most Muslims believe in a Muslim's criteria for a just war similar to what a Christian would believe
      • Qur'an says Muslims must fight if they are attacked. The Qur'an is the word of Allah
      • Muhammad fought in wars- Muslims must follow the example of Muhammad
      • Muhammad made many statements in the Hadith about wars - must follow the teaching of Muhammad as he was the final prophet
      • Qur'an says anyone fighting in a just war will go straight to paradise
    • Some Muslims do not agree with war
      • Muslim Peace Fellowship feel that the nature of modern weapons mean no war can be a just war and so must oppose war


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