Religion, Peace and Justice

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Religion, Peace and Justice

capital punishment ---> executing a criminal convicted of murder and other crimes

conscientious objector ---> someone who reguses to fight in a war on the basis of their conscience

judge ---> Christians idea of God acting as judge to determine whether a person goes to Heaven or Hell after death

just war theory ---> the belief that wars can be morally justigied if they follow certain criteria

justice ---> fairness in society and the world

nuclear pacifism ---> belief that the use of nuclear weapons can never be justified

pacifism ---> belief that peace should be the central value that people pursue

proportionality ---> the belief that force can only be met with equal force

Quaker ---> a member of the Christian denomination also known as the Religious Society of Friends

revenge ---> seeking to repay a wrong by getting recompense (their own back)

sin ---> an act which goes against God's will

social justice ---> the belief that people should be treated fairly and with respect in a society

Different Christian attitudes to war

  • war is wrong
  • God wants everyone to live in peace
  • some Christians ---> war is necessay in some cases to overcome evil
  • other Christians ---> believe in pacifism
  • For war: 'Prepare


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