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  • Peace & conflict.
    • The United nations
      • It was formed at the end of the second world war.
      • What they do.
        • Impose sanctions on countries threatening world peace.
        • They authorise or deny the use of force by countires.
        • Send in th UN peacekeeping force to:
          • Prevent the outbreak of conflict.
          • help make peace agreements work.
          • Stabolise conflict situations and bring about long lasting peace.
          • Bring about a stable goverment in conflict areas.
      • The UN have white tanks so are easily identified.
    • Attitudes to war
      • Christians attitudes
        • Some christians are Pacifism- refuse to fight at all.
          • Why
            • Jesus said christians should love their enemies.
            • They should turn the other cheek when attaked.
            • The fifth commandment says "do not kill"
            • Jesus would not let Peter fight back when he was arrested.
            • Horriable things happen to innocent civilians in madern wars.
            • They believe that peace will only come when people refuse to fight.
            • Modern warfare affects so many innocent people that they can never be justifyed.
        • Some will fight but only in just wars
          • Most churches teach that it is their purpose to strive for peace. Even if it means fighting.
          • St Paul, said that christians should obey the orders of the goverment, so christians should fight in wars if ordered by the goverment.
          • Jesus did not condemn soldiers.
            • He even parised a Roman centurion for his faith.
          • They believe that if we need a police force to protect innocent people against criminals, then we need armed forces to protect innocent states against criminal ones.
      • Islams (muslims) attitudes
        • There is no idea of Pacifism in Islam.
        • Most Muslims believe they should fight in just wars because:
          • The Qur'an says that Muslims must fight if they are attaked.
          • Muhammad fought in wars.
          • There are many hadith from Muhammad saying Muslims should fight in just wars.
          • The Qur'an says that a Muslim who die in a just war will go straight to heaven.
        • However some Muslims feel that beacuse of the nature os modern weapons means that not war can be just, so they are opposed to all wars.
    • Just wars
      • If a war can be justifyed for good reasons then it is a just war.
      • What is a just war.
        • Fought in self-defence.
        • Being fought by the UN.
        • To bring back peace.
        • It is a last resourt.
        • There is a good chance of success.
        • If inoccent civilians are procted.
        • To prevent weapons of mass destruction being used against other countries.
    • Why wars occur.
      • Religion
        • Different Beliefs
        • Majority one religion, minority another.
        • Misstreated by a differnt religion.
      • Nationalism and ethnicity.
        • The belief that the minority should be removed.
        • Each enthnicity should have a separate country.
      • Economics.
        • many think that Iraq was invaded by west because of oil reserves.
        • Migration of refugees because of the economic crisis.
      • Political differences.
        • Dictatorships.
        • People who support the goverment fighting the people against the goverment.


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