Korean War

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Harry S. Truman becomes US president

The Grand Alliance defeats the axis Powers at the end of the Second World War

Korea Divided at the 38th Parallel

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The Red Scare (fear of Communism) begins in the USA

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Beginning of the Malayan Emergency

Stalin supports the creation of a Communist state in North Korea

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The Soviet Union successfully tests its first nuclear bomb

Mao Zedong establishes the People's Republic of China

The China Lobby accuses Trueman of 'losing China'

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Dean Acheson states that Korea is outside the USA's Pacific Defensive Perimeter

Mao and Stalin sign the Treaty of Friendship, Alliance the Mutual Assistance between the Soviet Union and China

NSC-68 sets out US strategy in the Cold War

Kim II-Sung meets Stalin in Moscow

Trueman authorises US financial ivolvement in Vietnam

Kim II-Sung orders the invasion of South Korea

The UN authorises the deployment of troops in Korea

Chinese volunteers enter the Korean War

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Truman sacks General MacArthur

Negotiations begin between North and South Korea

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Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes US President

Death of Stalin

End of the Korean War: amistice deal signed

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